DBITD Tattoo Poster without footerIn Alabama, tattoo parlors have to be inspected but child care programs don’t. Alabama is one of the few states that allows some child care programs to operate without a license and currently nearly ONE-HALF of child care centers are operating unlicensed and uninspected for basic health & safety standards (Alabama Department of Human Resources, December 2015).

Licensed child care centers receive annual inspections and submit ongoing documentation of compliance with the Minimum Standards for Day Care Centers and Nighttime Centers to ensure the children enrolled are in a safe environment with responsive teachers. Unlicensed child care centers are not required to conduct criminal background checks on staff, maintain appropriate staff-to-child ratios, or document First Aid and CPR training.

Don’t Be In The Dark About Child Care, a public awareness campaign of the Alabama Partnership for Children and VOICES for Alabama’s Children, is based on the belief that if every Alabama child care program is required to be licensed and inspected for minimum standards then families can feel more comfortable knowing their young children are in safe, healthy, and beneficial child care environments. Help us make this happen by informing others in your network and advocating for child care licensing.

Don’t Be In The Dark About Child Care materials: